Donate Supplies

Donate Supplies/Materials to the Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort

Along with volunteers, our member organizations are seeking donations of various supplies for the relief efforts.

Such materials are:

  • Tools:
    • Shovels
    • Jack hammers, Sledgehammers/Demolition Hammers, Regular Hammers
    • Crowbars/prying bars
    • Rakes, Brooms
    • Chain Saws, Crosscut Saws
    • Wheelbarrows
    • Drills, Powertools
    • Toolbelts
  • Safety Equipment:
    • Goggles, Protective Masks, Construction helmets, worker gloves, knee pads
    • Ear Plugs, Hearing Protection Eat Muffs
    • Lifelines/Full Body Harnesses
    • Respirators (N-95) & Dust Masks
    • First Aid Kits

Donation Form: