Who are Day Laborers?

You need skilled, reliable workers.  You want convenience and flexibility.  At our Day Labor Centers, hiring quality help at a fair price is fast and easy. The Day Laborer Workforce at a Glance: According to a U.S. study on Day Labor in 2006: Approximately 117,600 workers are either looking for day-labor jobs or working as […]

Who Employs Day Laborers?

The Need for Workers around the U.S.: Daily assignments are mainly for work in the construction and landscaping industries, though day laborers are also hired as farm workers, cleaners and movers. Their employers are usually residential construction contractors and homeowners who need immediate help with work projects. Day laborers are primarily employed by homeowners/renters (49%) […]

What’s a Day Labor Center?

Day Labor Centers: Where our community goes to hire our neighbors Day Laborer Centers connect small businesses and homeowners with skilled day laborers for a variety of services, ensuring fair wages and good working conditions.  The hiring process is easy, convenient and dignified.  Our Centers are comprised of hard working men and women who are […]

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Hire skilled workers for the work you need, when you need it done.

Domestic WorkerThis site is a tool for learning about Day Laborers, Worker Centers and for finding Day Laborers near you. We aim to connect small businesses, homeowners and others with skilled day laborers for a variety of services.

Day Laborer s are hard-working men and women dedicated every day to finding work to support their families. Get to know the real people at your neighborhood Day Labor Center. Hire a Day Laborer near you today.

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  • Domestic

    Some of the types of Domestic Work related services Day Laborers provide are: Organizing Sweeping, Mopping, Vacuuming Home & Office cleaning Dusting Deep Cleaning Child Care Assistance  

  • Gardening

    Some of the types of gardening related services Day Laborers provide are: Hauling Clean up Irrigation system installation & repairs Pruning & Trimming Tree Removal & Tree Trimming Brush & weed clearing

  • Events

    Some of the types of events/hospitality related services Day Laborers provide are: Convention & Conference Organization Setup / Teardown Materials Management Custodial / Janitorial Services Catering Banquet Service Dishwashing Parking Attendants Event Security Runners  

  • Logistics

    Some of the types of warehousing related services Day Laborers provide are: Shipping & Receiving Delivery Processing & Handling Breakdown Commercial / Residential Moving Loading / Unloading, Distribution Local / National Moving Freight Shipment & Handling  

  • Construction

    Some of the types of construction related services Day Laborers provide are: Maintenance and repairs Kitchen Remodeling Room Additions Bathroom Remodeling Drywall: Hanging & Taping Roofing Exterior & interior painting Carpentry: Fences, wood floors, Wood decks Windows and doors installation Electrical Work Welding Plumbing Tile, marble, stone, & granite work Cement Work Demolition Stucco / […]