A list of our most frequently asked questions are below.

If you need additional information, contact the Day Labor center closest to you.

How do I hire workers?

It’s easy. Call your local day laborer center or simply stop by. If you call after normal business hours leave a message, and we will get back to you.

Do I have to make arrangements in advance?

No, you can make arrangements on the spot for general laborers. Just go to the Center near you to speak with a staff member and pick up workers. If you need skilled workers (carpenter, painter, concrete workers, etc.) it might be a good idea to call a few days in advance to make arrangements.

How are workers paid?

Payment should be made in full at the end of the workday or as arranged during negotiations with the worker in the center. Most workers prefer to be paid in cash, but are often willing to accept company checks. Sometimes workers receive a tip in addition to their wages, but this is not required. Workers do not accept personal checks.

How will the worker get to the job?

Some laborers will rely on you to provide transportation to and from the job, but also they can arrive in public transportation if it is possible. Many laborers have their own transportation. If you arrange in advance we will drop off the day laborers at your door.

When does the job clock start and end?

Workers are paid from the time they are begin the job until they finish the work, but often employers will pay at least one way or the other of travel time. You can discuss that with the staff whether drive time, breaks and lunchtime will be included or not.

What about food and drink?

You should have water available at all times or make arrangements for the worker to purchase something before leaving for the job. If you have a full workday, be sure to provide break times.

Are day laborers trustworthy?

All women and men day laborers whom are members of the centers follow Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice to insure that the employers get honest, reliable and professional services. All day laborers are register and own a day laborer center identification card.

To insure employer satisfaction we have a quality control process that includes a brief feedback sheet where employers can comment on job performance and encourages employers to return to request workers with whom they have had a positive experience.

Do day laborers speak English?

There are a significant percentage of day laborers that speak English. Others speak enough to communicate in the job. Staff is available to assist in communication during the negotiation and throughout the job via telephone during business hours.

Do I have to pay the center fees for hiring?

Day laborer centers do not charge employers or day laborers fees for using our services. As a community labor source, our role is to provide a meeting place for day laborers and employers.

What should I know about occupational safety?
You are responsible for providing a safe work environment.

What if I have more questions?
Call your local day laborer center during business hours. Readily staff will be happy to answer your questions.