Client Testimonials

Below are featured testimonials from the clients.

Testimonies from Customers:

David Arrants – President of Carefree Computing, San Francisco, Ca.

“I have to say that coming home after having La Colectiva clean and keep the house in order, is like having your Mother take care of you. I would highly recommend anyone needing Cleaning or House support to use the fantastic team at La Coletiva. They communicate through the staff which is helpful and responsive to your every need. Trustworthy, courteous, and a good deal. If you have a busy schedule and need some help at the home, call them. I am glad I did.”

Carlos A., San Francisco, Ca.

SF Day Labor Program provides a much-needed service to help match people with labor needs with laborers who need protection from people who take advantage of them. My girlfriend was moving and while I usually pick guys up off the street I suggested using this program as it would streamline things and the rates were negotiated in advanced. I’ve always felt that using a laborer is much cheaper than hiring movers and less obnoxious than bothering friends to help you move. The move was pretty difficult due to many flights of stairs and we got two people who arrived on time. We did get a great gentleman who was missing an arm which I thought would be a problem but he busted his ass and worked. Some people may not have been happy about this but we learned to work around it and it was no problem. This is a good place to get help with any tasks you may need.”

Michael E., San Francisco, Ca.

“This center performs a valuable service and it is a well-thought-out program, which is also well-executed.

I had to move from one apt to another within the City. I wanted to hire help, and didn’t want to pick up random people in front of Home Depot. I liked the website and the idea of an organization for day-laborers. I liked that they set a minimum pay rate. I also figured it was safer, because there’s a certain element of pre-screening that is implied by simply getting on the Center’s list, and one imagines that they don’t want any one bad worker to ruin the place’s reputation. I imagine this is similar to businesses hiring from a union hall.

The center called me the day before to give me the names of the two workers who would come on my moving day. Since I speak Spanish they did not have to ensure that one of the workers was fluent in English, but they would have if I had asked.

The workers Josue and German actually arrived 30 minutes early, which I appreciated. They had brought papers from the Center to show that they had been informed in advance of the nature of the job, and also showed terms of employment – mandatory paid breaks, etc., and stating that the Center receives no cut from the workers’ wages. I thought that was a good practice to protect the workers.  

The men were very polite and very hard-working. I left the apartment several times to go buy additional moving supplies, and I was fully confident that nothing would go wrong while I was gone. I actually had them do all the sorting and boxing as well as schlepping boxes up and down stairs and loading/unloading my truck. They didn’t damage anything and they were a pleasure to work with. I treated them to lunch and used my U-Haul truck to drop them off at their homes (within the City) when I was done. All in all, a very positive experience, I would do business again.

I would have rated 5 stars if they had office hours all day long. As it is, their office hours end at 1pm, so you have to remember to call them in the morning.”

Barbara Leary, Homeowner, Jupiter, Fl.

“I’ve hired workers from El Sol to help me with all sorts of projects, including painting, handyman work, moving and landscaping. They’re hard workers, and they’ve always done a terrific job for me. Whether I decide on a whim to knock off a small weekend chore or get ambitious about tackling a bigger project, I count on the good folks from El Sol to help me get it done. El Sol is a wonderful resource for our community. I’m a big fan!”

John Smith, Business Owner, Jupiter, Fl.

“As a resident and employer, El Sol offers a far better system than what we had before…I certainly hope that more employers will consider using your organization because I’m sure they will realize the positive impact you make in our community.”